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Here are a few words of praise from our customers:


"Lynda I can't explain how wonderful our new puppy is. She fits in so well it seems as if she has always been here. Thank you so very much... " - Sue and Thomas


"Your puppies were so gorgeous I had a hard time picking one. However, Sally is great. Everyone loves her....." - Brenda


"My 12 yr. old son was absolutely thrilled..He named his dog Hurcules... Gratefull."

- Mary and Matt(my son)


"I am recommending you to everyone. Tiger is the best dog we have ever had. Thanks a million." - Janet and Jim


"My mom, my brother and now I have one of your puppies.  We will always come to you." - Josh


"Just wanted to let you know we took Eli to the vet yesterday, and he is OF COURSE healthy! He said he was such a beautiful dog, and so did the rest of the staff. All of our friends say the same thing, which makes us very PROUD! He is such a good boy, he’s already going outside to go potty – even today in the snow, which he seems to like!  Thanks so much for our beautiful baby, we love him so much already!  Take Care and God Bless."  

- Linda & Hal Soucie


"Lynda, Just wanted to update you on Mason. He has adjusted well and made our home his. Don't know what we did without him all this time. It's kinda like having a toddler in the house. Just back from the Vet (2nd shot and check up), Dr says he is perfect. Just over 15lbs. I'll send more pictures soon. Thanks again and god bless." - David & Vanessa


"She is perfect!!! She likes to attack your feet but she is awesome" - Jenny

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